Pranabesh extremely short poems --

very short poems

minimalist (mediocre)

this is all
i could
come up with

nothing more

history is confusing

History is always changing
because the people who write history books
all have different perspectives of the past

thinking too much about love

i try to live my life day by day
but its so hard because I'm so concerned about the future
why worry about what's ahead
when I'm content with things now

Keep Your Mouth Shut

No one can say anything about the man who doesn't talk,
except that he doesn't talk.

broken watch

The hands are broken, he ticks no more

The Floor Below

A spiral staircase
The concrete broke my fall


how does it form
on my fan
i use a rag
the dust returns

An Ode To My Madness

Random: Thoughts and expression
Humor with mixed aggression
Depression from oppression
Questioning the question

that chick stumbling into the room

without haste
thin laced
smooth faced
good taste
i think
i am in love

advice from a man who is a seamstress

You can't piece back
a broken mirror.
You can't get out all the grime
with Comet alone,
you have to scrub.

(no title)

silent laughter
heard by a deaf man
the mime was being tortured
the audience applauded

paper cuts

between my fingers
i mourn
but there is no medical attention

no cure

attacking young
killing old
same strain
always bold
tissue companies prosper
we have to suffer
would nyquil still be sold
if there was a cure
for this aching cold

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